Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Spring-clean your finances with some automation. Also in the news: How millennials can take their money to the next level, the latest scams targeting taxpayers, and which airline has the best rewards.

Spring-clean finances with some automation
Consider these strategies from financial experts.

Millennial Money: Take your money to the next level
It’s time for your money management to grow up a bit.

Tax Season Is Here Again, and So Are the Scams Targeting Taxpayers
The latest scams, and how to protect yourself.

Who has the best airline rewards?
Deciphering what your miles are worth.

Friday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Make your brand loyalty pay off. Also in the news: When your new car have more tech than you know what to do with, one thing to know when filing your taxes, and beware email attachment scams this tax season.

Make Your Brand Loyalty Pay Off
Cash in on your devotion.

Does your new car have more tech than you know what to do with?
Too many bells and whistles?

There’s one thing you need to know when filing your taxes
You don’t have to do it on your own.

Beware Email Attachment Scams This Tax Season
Scammers never take a day off.

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: These 4 tax scams could really cost you. Also in the news: 3 times you can pay taxes with plastic and come out ahead, how to decide between investing in a 401(k) or a Roth 401(k), and the 5 best free money-management apps.

These 4 Tax Scams Could Really Cost You
Here’s how to avoid them.

3 Times You Can Pay Taxes With Plastic and Come Out Ahead
Maximizing your rewards.

Should You Invest in a 401(k) or Roth 401(k)?
Deciding which is best.

The 5 Best Free Money-Management Apps
Managing your finances by phone.

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: It’s tax scam season. Here’s when to call shenanigans. Also in the news: Starting with a budget when planning a wedding, how to find good, cheap stocks, and a major data breach at the Marine Forces Reserve.

Planning a Wedding? Start With the Budget
Setting reasonable expectations.

It’s Tax Scam Season. Here’s When to Call Shenanigans
Pay close attention.

4 Steps to Finding Good, Cheap Stocks
Tips for beginners.

Major data breach at Marine Forces Reserve impacts thousands
Social Security numbers, banks transfers and other personal info has been leaked.

Thursday’s need-to-know money news

scamToday’s top story: Last-minute tax filers need to watch out for an Obamacare scam. Also in the news: Paying to check your credit, how to delay taking Social Security, and retirement planning tips for women.

Last-Minute Tax Filers: Beware of This Obamacare Scam
Scammers are taking advantage of Obamacare tax penalties.

Should I Pay To Check My Credit Score?
The pros and cons of free credit reports.

3 Ways to Delay Taking Social Security
A delay could be financially advantageous.

Key Retirement Concerns And 7 Planning Tips For Women
What women need to know to prepare.

Friday’s need-to-know money news

155403-425x282-Mortgage-LateToday’s top story: What a missed mortgage payment can do to your credit. Also in the news: How to turn your retirement savings into income, tools that will simplify your life and save you money, and what we can learn about money from the movies.

How Much Will My Credit Score Drop If I Miss a Mortgage Payment?
A single missed payment can have a major impact.

What the Oscar Movies Can Teach Us About Money
Show me the money!

How To Turn Your Retirement Savings Into Retirement Income
What to do with your nest egg.

5 Tools That Will Help You Simplify – and Save
Removing temptation from your inbox.

Top 5 Tax Scams of 2015 to Avoid
Don’t fall into a trap.

Monday’s need-to-know money news

fraud, scam, theftToday’s top story: How to make 2015 your best financial year. Also in the news: Avoiding tax scams, why this tax season could be a nightmare, and how to make sure your retirement funds last as long as you do.

5 Tips for Making 2015 Your Best Financial Year
Resolutions for your wallet.

3 Common Tax Scams and How to Avoid Them
Tax season is officially under way.

‘Miserable’ tax season could be worst in years
And it could be an ugly one.

6 ways to make your retirement funds live longer
How not to outlive your retirement savings.

4 tips for catching up on retirement savings
These tips will help you do that.

Monday’s need-to-know money news

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailToday’s top story: How to protect yourself from credit card breaches. Also in the news: The best ways to pay for college, how to avoid year-round tax scams, and what happens to your debt after you die.

Shelter yourself from payment card breaches
How to protect both your finances and your identity while shopping.

The Best Ways to Pay for Your Child’s College Education
How to combat the rising cost of a college education.

Tax-related scams don’t hit just during tax season
Beware of these year-round scams targeting your taxes.

Who Will Inherit Your Debt When You Die?
One thing you don’t want to leave behind.

Why These 4 Personal Finance Myths Perpetuate Money Problems
Monday mythbusting.

Friday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to get ahead at work. Also in the news: Saving for retirement in your 20s, avoiding tax filings scams, and how usury laws protect consumers from illegal interest rates. Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

Want to Get Ahead at Work? Be a Mindreader
Become your company’s Kreskin.

Advice for the 20-Somethings: Start Saving For Retirement Now
A little money saved now could turn into something big later in life.

Be Wary of this Season’s Tax Filing Scams
it’s prime scam season.

Could Your High Interest Rate Be Illegal?
Usury laws are in place to help.