3 sites to help aging parents organize details

Certified financial planner Sean Fletcher of San Francisco knew his dad had an estate plan, complete with a health care directive detailing what medical treatment should be given in an emergency. When the father had a massive heart attack, though, no one knew where he kept those documents.

Fletcher’s family was lucky: An aunt found the paperwork in a closet. His mother was able to stop treatment according to his father’s wishes so that he could die more peacefully.

“Despite her misgivings, I believe this minor miracle gave my mom the confidence to carry out what she had agreed to do,” Fletcher says.

It’s not enough to be organized and responsible. We need to think about who will be responsible next. Fortunately, there are several sites that can facilitate that transition for our aging parents — and also for ourselves. In my latest for the Associated Press, three websites to help keep everyone organized.

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