Monday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: A car insurance quiz to see if you’re savvy or stumped. Also in the news: How to afford college as an older student, five ways car ads lie, and why habits that create good credit can still be a bad thing.

Take This Car Insurance Quiz to See if You’re Savvy or Stumped
Which one are you?

Ask Brianna: How Do I Afford College as an Older Student?
Considering your options.

5 Ways Car Ads Lie
Don’t get taken for a ride.

Habits That Give You Good Credit Can Still Be Bad For Your Finances
Debt is rarely a good thing.

Monday’s need-to-know money news

homebuyerToday’s top story: How to get the most for your old phone. Also in the news: Why starter homes are becoming a thing of the past, five surprising things that could leave you poor, and how to invest your way to a million dollars.

How to Sell Your Old Phone
Because a newer version is always right around the corner.

Why ‘Starter Homes’ Aren’t What They Used to Be
Starter homes are becoming a relic of the past.

5 Surprising Things That Could Leave You Poor
Start with the company you keep.

How to Invest Your Way to $1 Million
The tiny things add up quickly.

Thursday’s need-to-know money news

401k-planToday’s top story: How Generation X can get back on track for retirement. Also in the news: What financially successful people do differently, how to save on your next water heater, and why your daily routine could be costing you big bucks.

How Generation X Can Get Back on Track for Retirement
Before it’s too late.

12 Things Financially Successful People Do Differently
Never too late to start.

How to Save When You Buy Your Next Water Heater
Better for the environment and your wallet.

5 Habits That Are Costing You Big Money
What does your daily routine cost you?

8 Times When It’s OK to Ding Your Credit Score
But only 8!

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

471x286xdebt-collector.jpg.pagespeed.ic.N0bBKkAfMqToday’s top story: How to deal with calls from bill collectors. Also in the news: A low-tech method of tracking your spending, how to strategically pay down credit card debt, and protecting your information at post office kiosks.

How to Deal With Harassing Calls From a Bill Collector
Know your rights.

A Slow-Tech Approach to Tracking Spending
Skip the fancy apps and use a pencil.

How to Pay Down Credit Cards to Boost Your Credit Score
Making strategic payments.

Watch Out For Card Skimmers On Post Office Kiosks
Your personal and financial information could be at risk.

9 Financial Habits That Can Make You Wealthy
Becoming a financial Jedi.

Friday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Assessing the damage created by holiday spending. Also in the news: Stress testing your personal finances, New Year’s resolutions for baby boomers, and finding help with getting out of debt.

Did the Holidays Hurt Your Credit?
Analyzing the Christmas carnage.

Stress-Testing Our Personal Finances
Preparing your finances for unexpected crises.

New Year’s Resolutions Boomers Should Make
Establishing better financial habits.

8 Tips to Find Help With Your Debt
You don’t have to do it alone.

The Best Online Tools for Your Housing Search
Your new home could be just a click away.