Reluctant to retire? 3 signs you’re ready

Many people don’t have much choice about when they retire. Illness, job loss or caretaking responsibilities push them out of the labor force, ready or not.

But some people have the opposite problem: They do have a choice, and yet they can’t quite bring themselves to quit working.

In my latest for the Associated Press, check three signs you may be ready to retire.

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Today’s top story: How to leave Crypto to a loved one. Also in the news: Black Friday return policies, the October jobs report gives tired travelers a glimmer of hope, and the unexpected way bad credit messes with your life.

How to Leave Crypto to a Loved One
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Before making purchases this holiday season, consider retailer return policies to save time and money.

October Jobs Report Gives Tired Travelers a Glimmer of Hope
The travel industry is experiencing significant job growth, according to October 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics figures.

The Unexpected Ways a Bad Credit Score Messes With Your Life
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Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: When a will won’t work. Also in the news: 6 gift categories unaffected by supply chain delays, 3 ways to tap the unexpected equity in your leased car, and alternatives to backdoor Roths.

When a Will Won’t Work
Consider the limitations of a will when making arrangements for your final wishes.

6 Gift Categories Unaffected by Supply Chain Delays
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9 Ways To Travel More Safely
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Squeeze Another 20K Miles Out of Your Current Car
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Today’s top story: Don’t let Black Friday debt trigger post-holiday blues. Also in the news: Things to do by year-end for your investments, November mortgage rates continue to rise, and how to shop now and get Black Friday prices later.

Don’t Let Black Friday Debt Trigger Post-Holiday Blues
Prioritize needs, budget your spending, then make a savings plan for next year’s expenses.

Investing Checklist: Things to Do by Year-End
Implementing investing strategies before the end of the year can help maximize your money.

Mortgage Outlook: November Rates Continue Marching Uphill
Rates continue to rise.

You Can Shop Now, and Get Black Friday Prices Later
A few major retailers will retroactively match Black Friday deals.

When a will won’t work

A will allows you to distribute your worldly goods, select a guardian for minor children and name an executor to carry out your wishes.

But you should be aware of what a will can’t or shouldn’t do. This is particularly true if you’re drafting your own document without an attorney’s help, since you could unknowingly make a mistake that upends your whole estate plan.

In my latest for the Associated Press, learn what a will can, cannot, and shouldn’t do.

Monday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 6 benefits that could help small businesses keep employees. Also in the news: A new episode of the Smart Money podcast on cryptocurrency and improving credit to buy a house, what to buy (and skip) in November, and 4 ways to sustain savings habits from the pandemic.

6 Benefits That Could Help Small Businesses Keep Employees
Convincing your employees to stay.

Smart Money Podcast: 3 Crypto Questions, and Improving Credit to Buy a House
Three questions you should ask yourself before buying crypto or investing in the industry.

What to Buy (and Skip) in November 2021
Black Friday approaches…

4 Ways to Sustain Savings Habits From the Pandemic
Keeping the good habits you built.

Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How money mistakes could signal dementia risks. Also in the news: How to bank when you can’t get to one, will tax bills increase as home values soar, and why tax diversification is a smart investment strategy.

Money Mistakes Could Signal Dementia Risk
Missing bills could mean it’s time to build financial guardrails.

How to Bank When You Can’t Get to a Bank
Online banks, remote customer service, ATM reimbursement and shared branches are all options for consumers.

The Property Line: As Home Values Soar, Should You Brace for Your Tax Bill?
If you’re in a home whose value on paper has been going up, up, up, preparing for the resulting tax bill could bring you back down to earth.

Why ‘Tax Diversification’ Is a Smart Investment Strategy
You’ve heard of portfolio diversification? This is the same thing, but for taxes on your investments.

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Why a home warranty may not give you the fix you crave. Also in the news: 4 reasons to spend your points and miles ASAP, why the best travel plan for this holiday season is a backup plan, and how to spot fake IRS letters.

Why a Home Warranty May Not Give You the Fix You Crave
Many homeowners are looking to home warranties for peace of mind, but to avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s important to understand the limits of what you’ve purchased.

4 Reasons to Spend Your Points and Miles ASAP
With fare increases and inevitable devaluations on the way, don’t wait to cash in your points and miles.

The Best Travel Plan for This Holiday Season Is a Backup Plan
The best-laid plans are the ones that can be changed when your flight gets delayed or your COVID test is positive.

How to Spot a Fake IRS Letter
For starters, real IRS letters won’t demand immediate payments on back taxes.