Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Why one teacher changed careers and gave up loan forgiveness. Also in the news: What the signs are that I need a new bank, how to make extra cash by renting out your car, and how to get 100% of your student loans forgiven through the borrower defense program.

Why One Teacher Changed Careers and Gave Up Loan Forgiveness
A NerdWallet writer shares her experience of leaving the teaching profession — and the promise of student loan forgiveness.

Ask a Nerd: What Are the Signs That I Need a New Bank?
A few key signs can let you know if it’s time to open a new bank account elsewhere.

How to Make Extra Cash by Renting Out Your Car
A handful of Airbnb-like services bring the sharing economy to personal vehicles.

How to Get 100% of Your Student Loans Forgiven Through the Borrower Defense Program
Students who attended certain for-profit colleges may be eligible for complete federal loan relief.

Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Tweaking your tech settings to protect your privacy. Also in the news: What to do if there’s a mistake on your business taxes, how to avoid Zelle scams, and the cheapest U.S. cities with major airports to rent cars.

You Can Tweak Your Tech Settings to Protect Your Privacy
Making life difficult for Big Tech.

What to Do If There’s a Mistake on Your Business Taxes
Here’s what two small-business pros say small-business owners can do to cope with an error on a tax return.

How to Avoid Zelle Scams, Plus What to Do If You Can’t
Scams using Zelle and other peer-to-peer payment services are popular. Learn how to protect your money and what steps to take if you experience a scam.

The Cheapest U.S. Cities With Major Airports to Rent Cars
The difference in price from city to city and airport to airport can be stark. Where you rent matters.

Monday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Keeping your money safe while you see the world. Also in the news: How one couple retired early, why Millennials should care about Medicare right now, and using liability insurance when driving abroad.

Keep Your Money Safe While You See the World
Enjoy your trip without money stresses.

If You Retire Early, Life Can Be a Beach
How one couple pulled it off.

Why Millennials Should Care About Medicare Right Now
Before it’s too late.

Do You Need Special Car Rental Insurance When Driving Abroad?
Looking at liability insurance.

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

siblingsToday’s top story: What happens when couples disagree on the right time to retire? Also in the news: Bad financial habits you could be passing on to your kids, understanding charge-offs, and how to avoid extra costs when renting a car this summer.

When couples disagree on when to retire
Hot to reach common ground.

5 Bad Financial Habits You May Be Passing On to Your Children
Not the kind of legacy you want to leave.

I Paid My Debt. Why is it Still ‘Charged Off’?
Understanding your credit report.

7 Costly Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid
Don’t pay more than you already have to.

10 Terms You Need to Know If You Ever Plan to Retire
Becoming familiar with the vocabulary of retirement.

Friday’s need-to-know money news

HertzThe best place to rent a car for your summer road trip, six surprises that could ruin your retirement and how baby boomers can keep their identities safe both online and off.

The Best Car Rental Agency in America
Before you hit the road this summer, find out who has the best rental policies.

Insider Shopping Tips From a Grocery Store Cashier
How to get more for your dollar at the supermarket.

Don’t Let These Six Surprises Ruin Your Retirement
Rule No. 1: Expect the Unexpected

Homeowner Tax Breaks Not as Great as You Think
Tax breaks always sound good, but they don’t always pay off.

How Boomers Can Keep Their Identities Safe
Simple tips to protect your identity.