Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Why one teacher changed careers and gave up loan forgiveness. Also in the news: What the signs are that I need a new bank, how to make extra cash by renting out your car, and how to get 100% of your student loans forgiven through the borrower defense program.

Why One Teacher Changed Careers and Gave Up Loan Forgiveness
A NerdWallet writer shares her experience of leaving the teaching profession — and the promise of student loan forgiveness.

Ask a Nerd: What Are the Signs That I Need a New Bank?
A few key signs can let you know if it’s time to open a new bank account elsewhere.

How to Make Extra Cash by Renting Out Your Car
A handful of Airbnb-like services bring the sharing economy to personal vehicles.

How to Get 100% of Your Student Loans Forgiven Through the Borrower Defense Program
Students who attended certain for-profit colleges may be eligible for complete federal loan relief.