Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to prioritize debt payments in the pandemic. Also in the news: The fairness of airline fees, the influence of 2020 on investing, and how to avoid paying certain car dealership fees.

How to Prioritize Debt Payments in the Pandemic
The rules have changed.

Ask a Travel Nerd: Are Airline Fees Fair?
The process of buying a plane ticket can be misleading because you aren’t shown all of the fees upfront.

Will 2020 Make Us More Empathetic Investors?
Investment dollars can make an impact, so be sure your impact is a good one.

Avoid Paying These Car Dealership Fees
Know which fees you have to pay, which ones you can negotiate, and which ones you can avoid altogether.

Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Which airline brands have the best and worst fees. Also in the news: How to get preapproved for a credit card, which hotel brands have the best and worst fees, and why you should never quit your job without a plan.

Airline Fee Rankings: Which Brands Have the Best (and Worst) Fees?
Some airlines sneak in extra charges for baggage and seat selection that can bust your travel budget.

Can I Get Preapproved for a Credit Card?
Preapproval is less common than pre-qualification, which is not a guarantee that you won’t be rejected.

Hotel Fee Rankings: Which Brands Have the Best (and Worst) Fees?
Resort fees, parking charges and pet deposits can really add to your room cost at some hotels.

Don’t Quit Your Job Without a Plan
Resist the impulse.

Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to be reunited with your long-lost money. Also in the news: What the metro areas look like for first-time homebuyers, avoid flight change fees with these airlines, and 5 things to do after you get into a car accident.

How to Be Reunited With Your Long-Lost Money
Finding your unclaimed property.

First-Time Home Buyer Metro Affordability Report – Q2 2020
Low rates are helping buyers.

Avoid Flight Change Fees With These Airlines
The big airlines drop their fees.

5 things to do after you get in a car accident
Take a deep breath.

Thursday’s need-to-know money news

hidden-fees1Today’s top story: Scams to watch out for. Also in the news: Understanding Social Security spousal benefits after divorce, fixing a critical 401(k) flaw, and new airline luggage fees.

Scams Called ‘Worst’ of Consumers’ Top 10 Complaints
Don’t fall for them.

Divorce Doesn’t Preclude Social Security Spousal Benefits
Understanding the complicated rules.

How fix a critical flaw in 401(k) plans
Adjusting your retirement savings.

Some Airlines Have Rolled Out a New Luggage Fee
Pack appropriately.

Monday’s need-to-know money news

18ixgvpiu0s24jpgToday’s top story: Understanding the difference between a credit card and a charge card. Also in the news: Why using a credit card for financial emergencies isn’t always a good idea, the fees of 13 major airlines, and why you shouldn’t trust most retirement calculators.

What’s the Difference Between a Charge Card & a Credit Card?
It’s a big one.

Using a Credit Card for Financial Emergencies: Rarely a Smart Move
An instant solution can lead to heavy interest.

This Chart Lists the Many Fees of 13 Major Airlines
Don’t be caught by surprise while traveling this summer.

Why You Can’t Trust Those Retirement Calculators
Some could be missing vital information.

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Passenger airplane landing on runway in airport.The myth of open houses, the credit report you never knew about and how to avoid being squeezed by airlines.

The Credit Report You Haven’t Seen Yet

How “alternative credit data” could help you get approved at lower rates.

Cyber-thieves: More Tips on How to Protect Yourself From Credit Card Theft

Protecting you and your credit from cyber-theft.

Are Open Houses a Waste of Sellers’ Time?

Open Houses are not only a waste of time; they could be an open invitation to thieves.

The Worst Fee-Greedy Airlines

From bag fees to charging to make reservations by phone, airlines are determined to squeeze as much money out of passengers as possible.

When to Buy a Mutual Fund

There’s money to be made in mutual funds, if you have the patience.