Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to be reunited with your long-lost money. Also in the news: What the metro areas look like for first-time homebuyers, avoid flight change fees with these airlines, and 5 things to do after you get into a car accident.

How to Be Reunited With Your Long-Lost Money
Finding your unclaimed property.

First-Time Home Buyer Metro Affordability Report – Q2 2020
Low rates are helping buyers.

Avoid Flight Change Fees With These Airlines
The big airlines drop their fees.

5 things to do after you get in a car accident
Take a deep breath.

Friday’s need-to-know money news

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailToday’s top story: How to increase you credit card limit. Also in the news: The money mistakes empty nesters make, the terms every homebuyer should know, and the biggest threats to your retirement.

5 Ways to Get a Higher Credit Card Limit
What to do when you need more spending power.

3 Money Mistakes Empty Nesters Make
All that change can shake things up.

10 Terms Every Homebuyer Should Know
Brush up on your real estate vocabulary.

The 7 Biggest Threats to Your Retirement
What you need to avoid.

Monday’s need-to-know money news

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailToday’s top story: Four things prospective homebuyers should never say. Also in the the news: Why cable a la cart could end up costing you more, five ways to save on gas this summer, and financially savvy gifts to get the grad in your life off to a good start.

Will unbundling cable save you money
Paying for only the channels you watch could turn out to be more expensive

4 Things Homebuyers Should Never Say
You never want to tip your hand.

5 Ways to Save Money on Gas This Summer
More money for the good stuff.

How to Take Tax Deductions for Bad Debts
Making bad debt slightly more tolerable

Financially Savvy Gifts For New Graduates
Giving a gift for the future.

Friday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 5 things home-buyers forget to ask their lenders. Also in the news: Retirement mistakes 30-somethings need to avoid, renting versus buying a home, and how to escape from a job that you hate.Offering Advice

5 Things Homebuyers Forget to Ask Their Lenders
Five questions that are absolutely essential to ask.

4 Retirement Mistakes 30-Somethings Make–And How They Can Avoid Them In 2014
Don’t assume it’ll be easier to save money when you’re older.

Renting vs. Buying a Home: Which Is Smarter?
Are you prepared to handle the stress of home ownership?

5 Tips for Changing Careers on a Budget
You don’t have to suffer through a job you hate.

Smart Spending: Buy these items after Christmas
Unless you’re a child, you can wait a day or two for your presents.