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Life InsuranceToday’s top story: Life insurance benefits you may not know about. Also in the news: The upside of waiting to take Social Security, how to have tough financial conversations, and ten ways you might sabotage your new year’s resolutions.

3 Life Insurance Benefits You Did Not Know About
Alternatives to using life insurance as a financial planning tool.

Getting Paid To Wait: Increase Your Social Security Benefit
Taking Social Security later could significantly increase your benefits.

How to Have Hard Financial Conversations With Those Close to You
Tackling the tough subjects.

10 Ways You Might Sabotage Your 2015 Financial Resolutions
Stay strong!

What You Should Know Before Paying Off Old Debt
When paying off old debt is the right move.

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  1. About the executor that “equalized” his mother’s assets in consideration of his sister having received a good portion of her share of the estate before the mother passed away: I’m confused as to why Liz concluded the executor/brother’s actions meant he received a larger share of mom’s assets than the sister? It reads to me that he took steps to receive the same amount as his sister. If executive/brother hadn’t equalized the assets, sis would have gotten far more than him (part before Mom died and part afterwards). Is that an accurate interpretation? If so, I tend to think the courts would see the logic and keep the disbursement exactly the same…

    • Liz Weston says

      Some estate planning attorneys would say that “courts” and “logic” don’t belong in the same sentence. All kinds of results can come out of these court battles.