How to deal with your debt

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailDebt may be a four-letter word, but it’s not necessarily the enemy. Some debts are much, much worse than others, and knowing which to tackle first can leave you richer.

That’s the central idea of my book “Deal with Your Debt,” and I go into more detail in this interview with Experian’s Mike Delgado. (Also, you’ll get a great view of one of our bedrooms…I couldn’t get my laptop to cooperate with Google Hangout, so I had to resort to the desktop.)

We covered a bunch of topics, including:

  • What you need to know about getting, and paying off, student loans
  • Why retirement has to be your top financial goal (yes, even ahead of paying off debt)
  • What debts to tackle first and
  • When to consider filing for bankruptcy

…and much more.

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  1. Deb Howard says

    I am 59 years old, unfortunately I have allowed myself to be the “go to” person in the family and put myself at the bottom of the totem pole. Went back to school at the age of 53 and paid as I went, so I don’t owe student loans, but I have credit card debt and finance company loans that are really burdensome. Need help in getting this taken care of so I can work toward retirement. Appreciate your help.
    Deb Howard

  2. Eric Taylor says

    I need your book in my life…… Please send me one ASAP. I appreciate you Mrs. Weston your a great inspiration to us all.

  3. Bonnie Bettinger says

    PICK MEEEEE!!! I have the money coming in, just not sure what order to pay it down in. Thanks, Liz!

  4. Jerome Barry says

    Well, Liz, having been out of work now for 3 weeks and one day, with a job lined up to begin next Monday at a lower pay. The first sign that retirement is my highest priority came last night. “Daddy, will you pay for me to go back to school (After I’ve spent 1.5 years sitting on my butt after dropping out of college)?”

    No. My highest priority is my retirement. When I was young like you I worked and saved money and paid for my college. (As if the $60,000 I wasted on you is ever going to be available to me again)