Giveaway: The Liz Weston library

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailNeed to spring clean your finances? I’m giving away five sets of my two biggest sellers: “The 10 Commandments of Money” and “Your Credit Score.”

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  1. Just discovered your blog and love it! Finance is such a tricky subject…especially for newlyweds. My husband and I are trying to learn as much as possible so that, as a team, we can have a brighter financial future.

  2. I’ve been reading your financial advice for years. You are awesome, Liz! Thanks for watching out for regular folks.

  3. I need all the help I can get!

  4. I love your articles. I have learned finances the hard way with an unsupportive spouse. Now an ex spouse and only one child left at home, finally able to do get out of debt and save the correct way

  5. Lori Johnson says

    Your articles humble me….thank you!!!

  6. Focused on financial recovery after my wife stayed home raising our two beautiful daughters. Save, pay debt, rinse and repeat!

  7. Liz, always like reading your advice. Would love one of your books. Thanks.

  8. I’m a personal finance junky…so glad to find your site. Would LOVE to win the books:)

  9. First time I’ve seen you . . .. am eager to read your web page. Saw you in debt proof living.

  10. Love your advice! Thanks!

  11. Melissa Johnson says

    Starting over after divorce is hard. Learning everything I can about finance so I can make the best of my future!

  12. You were recommended to me by Debt-Proof Living on FB. I’d love to read these books!

  13. This is my year to stick to my budget and manage my finances wisely!

  14. It is always a blessing to continue to learn to be a good steward of the finances that have been given to me. Always more to learn.

  15. Michelle Monaghan says

    I can use all the help I can get. Knowledge is power. Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. Stephanie Nowell says

    Always looking for a good read about finances!

  17. I’m a big fan Liz! 🙂

  18. Awesomeness! Love financial stuff.

  19. Kiyana Cleckley says

    I love your books!

  20. I must admit, you are “new” to me, but it seems you may have come just in time.

    We’ve lived a great life with the motto, “you can’t take it with you when you die.” Now we’ve just hit our 50’s as healthy, active adults and we’re a little nervous that, if we live another 30 to 40 years, will we have enough money to get us through? We are rethinking our motto and need to “learn” how to revamp our finances. Your books would certainly provide the foundation that we need. And maybe we’ll discover a new motto too!!

  21. Would love to learn more about budget and finance. Thanks.

  22. working on getting out of debt after losing a business and our home…any additional help to get us there would be great to have…

  23. I would love to win these books. Everybody needs help with their finances!

  24. Thanks for all the wonderful advice!!!

  25. I would love to win these. Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  26. lisa schofield says

    I could use these

  27. Debbie Morgan says

    I would love to add these books to by financial planning library! Heard about you from Mary Hunt.

  28. Look forward to reading your post on FB. LoT

  29. Sorry my comment posted before I was done. You have a lot of great information and I enjoy reading it.

  30. My finances need to be revamped! Help!

  31. Tammy Lower says

    Any financial advice is always welcome!!

  32. Scott Matthews says

    Love your financial insight and tips Liz! Keep up the great work!

  33. Thanks so much for your advice.

  34. I have been reading up on everything I can get my hands on regarding personal finance

  35. Janet M Hosley says

    I really need help in dealing with my debt…..thank you for being here!

  36. I’d like a book. 🙂

  37. Janet M Hosley says

    I need help with my debt….I am so glad you are here! Thank you! My email is

  38. debbie pete says

    I would love to have these books

  39. Michele Kirkpatrick says

    Working hard to be/stay financially free! I don’t know much about credit scores and would love to learn more.

  40. i need this. at age 3 i totally made a career change and rebooted my life. my boyfriend was the sole person who supported me 1000%. i am almost done with this program (culinary school) and we’ve decided to stick together and be THE ONE for each other. we’ve never been more solid. i’m blissfully lucky and think what we have is one of my greatest blessings. again, he’s the only one (my family doesn’t care/help/support) who had kept me from being homeless (literally, i swear) twice since being laidoff in 2009 from my last ‘real job’ so for me it’s about realizing i am now 44, and he is 47. we finally need to grow up, build a nest egg. finally i feel the time has come to be with the love of my life and take that next step of getting out of debt. thanks for reading my post. namaste. :o)

  41. lisa m. jones (@TexanChef43) says

    yikes, just saw a typo in the first line. i meant when i was age FORTY-THREE (not 3!) that i made a career change. sorry!

  42. Would love to win. Thanks

  43. Thank you for great advice!

  44. Ashley Pennington says

    I’m a big fan! Would love to win one of your books.

  45. Jane Spurgeon says

    Can’t wait to read the books!

  46. I could use those classes!!!! read you daily!!
    Thank you

  47. Your friend Donna sent me 🙂 I have read one of your books and would love to read more.

  48. Cheryl Horn says

    Anyone that Mary Hunt recommends, I’m all in!! Can’t wait to dive in to your books!! Pick me, pick me!

  49. Would love to stay on track with our finances.

  50. LeAnn Ottney says

    I enjoy your consistently beneficial advice, and I also really appreciate your nonjudgemental replies to reader’s questions!

  51. Karen Brock says

    Love that I stumbled onto your site. I will be back often

  52. I love your fb page. Very helpfull. Looking foward to win the contest!

  53. This would definitely help me with my New Year’s resolution, to be more financial savvy.

  54. Love your articles and already applying some of your teachings, would greatly appreciate learning more….financial freedoms, here we come!

  55. I read your blog on behalf of my new husband and me, who are currently navigating the merging of two middle-aged financial households–a bit of a challenge. No doubt we could use your best-selling advice and guidance!

  56. Love your blog Liz, I check it every day! 🙂

  57. Thanks Liz! I am a huge fan! I read your article back in ’07 about 4 Real Jobs You Can Do From Home on MSN. Now, I have a virtual call center from my home and have been working it for about 5 years now. It’s great!

  58. Terri shiplett says

    You think after 50 I would know how to manage my
    Money but still live check to check no savings
    Credit cards maxed. Can use help

  59. Nikki Sandoval says

    Hi, Liz I read your articles on MSN all the time. I’m hoping to get lucky and win the books. We are completely overhauling our finances right now. I have been out of work for two years to have a baby and care for our special needs older child. And my fiance may be changing jobs. Now we are focusing on building our family up financially.

  60. Bonnie Walker says

    I would love to read your advice. My husband and I are working a plan to be debt-free.

  61. I love your columns in the AARP magazine and would be thrilled to read more of your work.

  62. Jane Snyder says

    Your blog is my nightly reading before bed – I appreciate your posts and your collation of other helpful personal finance articles. Thanks for all you do.

  63. Here goes nothing! *fingers crossed*

  64. Joe Somebody says

    I have followed you for many years and find your advice top notch. So much so that I now have my recent college graduate daughter following you. Thank you for the great work.

  65. I really appreciate that you give advice on a range of topics. It may not all apply to me right now, but it may someday, so I like to hear what you have to say. Thanks for the great advice!

  66. Found you through Donna Freedman’s site, Surviving and Thriving. Looking forward to your tips and advice.

  67. I always look forward to reading your emails and blogs – thanks for your in$ights!

  68. Suzanne Cotter says

    Would love to win the books. Thanks, Suzanne

  69. this is such a useful giveaway!

  70. Your blog simplifies complexity for me. Thank you for putting the time in.

  71. I am so glad you recently clarified the truth about those offers to settle debt for a lower payoff, as most people dont know that the amount forgiven is converted into taxable income!!!!Thank you, Liz
    I would love to have your books

  72. Rochelle Hamilton says

    Love your advice column. Would love to win your books!

  73. I enjoy your articles and would love the books!

  74. Just found this site and it couldnt come any to soon…Thanks!

  75. Jane Pianowski says

    You give such wonderful financial advice, Ms. Weston! I hope to win a set a of your books. Thank you.

  76. I need finance advise! 🙂

  77. Just found your site & would like one of your books

  78. I just discovered you and I am sure it was no accident. I am interested in your book giveaway as I want to change my life.

  79. I am interested in the book giveaway. I am looking to improve my life financially.

  80. Hi Liz-

    I am a fan of your articles and would love your book! Keep up the good work.

  81. Thanks very much! Would love to read, and would also make a great graduation gift for a soon-to-be-college-graduate.

  82. Karen Logrippo says

    Very helpful articles…
    We share them with our two college students.
    Recent post of free FAFSA help information on was extremely helpful 🙂

  83. Thanks for sharing all the sound financial advice! Your blog is one I check every day.

  84. Denise Craig says

    I heard of your blog through Mary Hunt, another financial life-changer! I would enjoy reading some of your books.

  85. I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading your posts and passing them on to my college aged son. He’s going into a field that he loves, but he will need to be really smart about money from the start.

  86. Would LOVE to read your books!!

  87. I am a big fan and hope I win one of your books! I learned finances the hard way and embraced frugality a long time ago. However, life events ( moving, divorce) have set me back and I am energized to restore some financial harmony to my life!

  88. Would love to receive these books! And would love to pass them along to my graduating high school student! Thanks.

  89. Thank God I found a easy to understand financial site. The information on here will be used to transform my life and eventually be debt free. Thanks Liz!

  90. I desperately need to read your book after sinking all my available money and credit into my struggling business over the past two years. Now things are getting back to normal and I need to rebuild my credit and savings!

  91. Stacy Carrasco says

    I’ve been following you for a while; you always give such great advice! I’d love to get a free copy!

  92. Liz, Thanks for your blog! Its a great source of information, ideas and inspiration! Nancy

  93. Thanks for the chance to win your books. I can always use more PF advice.

  94. I would love to win these books! Thanks for the chance!

  95. Joan Varner says

    Donna Freedman talks about you all the time. I would love to read your advice as I am thinking of retiring very soon – sooner than originally planned.

  96. I could certainly use some advice. I’m in the process of getting my finances in order. Time to get out of debt so bad economies won’t affect me as much.

  97. These books would help me out a lot, I would like to be one of the five people to win them.

  98. Bonnie Williams says

    Would be a great resource!!

  99. I hope I win! I love your columns and I’ve read earlier books. If I win, I’m going to read it and then share it with my friends – one of whom is also a Pulliam. We tease that you’re cousins. 😉

  100. These really look like great books. I’d like to share/give them to my thirty-something son and daughter-in-law. Thanks for the chance to win them!!

  101. It’s been a long winter and I’d love to have some encouragement to kind of spring-clean my finances!

  102. You always have great advice Liz.

  103. Vonnie Arellano says

    I was referred to your site, and I think you are exactly right – your books would be an awesome graduation gift for my son, who is graduating college in a couple of months.

  104. Liked the “Five Biggest Mistakes” article you recommended. My husband and I have made good and bad decisions over the years, but the #1 best decision we made was to buy less house than the bank thought we could afford. It was enough house for us, and the taxes and upkeep cost all we want to spend. Now it’s mortgage-free, which is such a comfort.

  105. Love all the helpful advice and guidance that you have provided me over the years; I always refer to you for everything finance related!!! I would love to have one of your books! Thanks.

  106. I would love to win these books. Facing retirement soon with not enough savings. This could only help.Thanks!

  107. Both books sound interesting, I’ve always enjoyed reading your articles.


  108. Thanks for the opportunity to win your book – fingers crossed!! 🙂

  109. My library doesn’t carry your books so I would love to win this prize. Where should we invest our little bit of surplus once we’re retired (very soon)?

  110. Found your blog via Donna Freedman. I’ve been a fan of your newspaper column for years.

  111. Tricia Kolsto says

    Thank you for giving away your books and your knowledge!

  112. I would love to win one of these. I came over from Debt Proof Living. Every day money worries me. Fearful there will not be enough.

  113. Liz,
    I’d love a copy of your book!
    Also glad to have found your blog! Please sign me up!

  114. Love you books!!

  115. Always looking for good information on budgeting and planning for the future!

  116. Barbara Stevens says

    Have read your columns for a number of years, thanks for all your efforts to make investing adn finance a little more understandable!

  117. Would love to get your book!

  118. Newly divorced and trying to manage it all on my own. Would love to read your books! Everything of yours that I have ever read has always been down-to-earth advice and very helpful!

  119. Cathy in NJ says

    I would love to win these books for my daughter (15) so she can start her financial life off the best way.

  120. I have really enjoyed your column and would enjoy your books too!

  121. I would love to win these books to give to my daughter. She could use the great advice you give.

  122. I’d love to have copies to loan to all my friends!

  123. Hi Liz! I would love to be entered to win these books. Thanks for posting this give away!

  124. Liz,
    Thanks for all of your helpful advice over the years and for answering a few of my questions. I’m a better money manager for it!

  125. Liz,
    I have really enjoyed your columns through the years. “The Real Reason You’re Broke” is something I read and re-read whenever I was tempted to purchase another car before I was ready. Would love to read your books then gift them to friend. Thanks for all your great advice!

  126. Lindsay Jones says

    You know you’re growing up when you find yourself ‘liking’ Liz Weston’s page on facebook and actually reading her posts more often than you check out the retail pages you’ve liked. In fact, the more I read your posts, the more retail pages I “unlike”.

  127. Yolanda Sims says

    Your books are educational and life changing I would love to have them.

  128. Brandylyn Landers says

    Looking to win those books Liz!!! Pick me!

  129. Years ago when I first started my career a financial advisor recommended reading one financial article a day. I found your articles online and I’ve been reading them ever since! I would love an opportunity to read your books.

  130. Always enjoyed your stuff Liz. Keep up the great work!

  131. Greatly appreciate the common sense approach to finance that you provide.

  132. Love your very practical advise!!

  133. can’t wait to win. love reading your articles. thanks

  134. I really enjoy and like your posts and Facebook page and look forward to reading your books.
    Thanks for your service.

  135. We are IN retirement and I find most suggestions and tips are for getting here! I would like to know why once one is retired it is not suggested to pay off a mortgage if funds are available. Is it because it is better to stay liquid with those required funds?

    Would very much like to receive your book “Ten Commandments of Money”. You give great advice.

  136. Anneliese C says

    Liz, I am not writing to win, but because I think others might be reading comments before posting, and I want to put in a good word for you. I have always liked your writing, and your advice always meets people where they *are*, instead of taking a “savvier than thou” approach. You really understand where the average person is coming from, but at the same time, you make no excuses for delivering no-nonsense advice (even tough love) when the situation calls for it. I hope whoever wins is just as inspired as I have been. Thanks for all you do! ~ Anneliese 🙂

  137. Just discovered your blog and I read your articles daily . Liked your page that way I dont miss anything.I have also suggested your page to friends. I would love to be the lucky one to win your books 🙂

  138. Kelly Anderson says

    I love the simplicity of your articles. You make the world of finances more approachable. I love to get in-depth explanations, too, but sometimes what I need is a quick answer. I’d love to go a bit further with the books!

  139. This would be a great set of books to have as my partner and I are finally getting our financial house in order!

  140. Thank you for providing user-friendly financial info!

  141. Love your writings. They are keeping my retirement on track!

  142. I read your column in the LA Times every Sunday, then check online all the time. Great tips!

  143. Need all the help we can get! Diability is pulling us under water 🙁

  144. Thank you Liz, I have been learning from your columns and appreciate your explanations on things. I am a work-in-progress!

  145. Financial Literacy is a wonderful thing, I love learning as much as I can so it shows up in my actions and so I can pass it along to the students who I talk to on a daily basis.

  146. Thanks for the opportunity!

  147. I could certainly use your help and guidance! Thank you.

  148. 50 yr old single mother of one that just started paying serious attention to my finances. Your articles have been a BIG help so I’m sure your books would also b helpful.

  149. Liz, My wife and I have just recently retired and I’m sure we are breaking almost all the rules. I will be turning 62 in April and after a career of building our 401(k) it is time to put it to work for us. Thanks for the opportunity to expand our knowledge…

  150. Liz you have the most practical, clearly written advice on money for adults. I have a new friend that would greatly benefit from your wisdom!

  151. I would love to have a set of your books. I am always look for ways to cut down on debt or get things paid off. I need some new ideas! Thank you!

  152. Liz, you are a WEALTH(word is suiting here)of knowledge that has helped me and those I have recommended to read your valuable information! I thank you for taking the time to share this in order to save us from making so many mistakes, total strangers to you! I can only imagine what is in this book and if I am a lucky one, would be honored! Thanks again!:-)

  153. Would love to have a set of your books! Thank you!

  154. These books would be very useful

  155. Debra Pettigrew says

    Enjoy reading your idesa to help us with our finances. Would love to win your books. Thanks

  156. Mary C Johnson says

    Would be awesome to have a set of your books! I’m always looking for new ideas on how to save money, etc!

  157. I love your little hints and daily advice. Look forward to it each day. Keeps my thinking for the most part In line, had issues a few years ago your advice helped me thru. Would live to have your books

  158. Pick me! Pick me! I would love to win! Thanks!

  159. Frank Bryant says

    It would be great to have the two books you are giving away. I’ll use them as a present for my son’s birthday (after I read them first.)

  160. N.Rodriguez says

    I need to spring clean my whole financial issues and organized them. Please Liz me, me , me !! 🙂

  161. I am interested in reading your books to learn more about personal finance.

  162. Sherrye Grotte says

    Would love to receive your books. I need some financial advice. Thanks!

  163. I am always in need of financial advice. In retirement and know I don’t have enough money. Thank you!

  164. I need you in my life Liz……. I’m serious.

  165. Liz Weston for President!!

  166. I really enjoy your column.

  167. Love reading anything you write. I’m a financial disaster wanting to change my ways. Thank you for that opportunity!

  168. I love reading your blogs and articles. These books sound great!

  169. Would love both! Have read Commandments and recommend to all my friends. Definitely need Credit Score

  170. As a student in ag business, I understand the importance I finding good sources of information. Thank you for the range of finacial questions and answers you talk about.

  171. Would love these. Definitely could use better advice than I’ve gotten.

  172. Melissa Osborn says

    Hello Liz,
    I have read a lot of what you’ve written and I love them all! It would be fantastic to add them to my library. Thank you for continuing to provide the common sense approach that us non-financial people can understand and apply to our lives. It has provided me with motivation to take action in my financial future.
    Keep up the good work!!

  173. I am 55 and don’t have a lot of time until retirement and would love to have your books to help with not only mine and my husband retirement plans but with our two kids and the family that we give money to every month.

  174. Thank you for all the great advice.

  175. I’ve been cutting and saving ur articles. To have some actual books would be great. I will pay it forward by sharing with friends and family.

  176. Count me in. 🙂

  177. I like reading about improving my finances. It is a big step to improving my life.

  178. I am really trying to improve my finances with 2 kids in college and my last 2 kids in high school. I love reading your articles and would love to own a book of yours!

  179. Kendra Green says

    Finance is such an important topic. This subject matter never grows old
    or dull. Thank you for sharing knowledge on the Financial industry as it
    relates to consumers, business owners, and all who will give an ear to

  180. Drew Smith says

    I would love to improve my financial situation. Thanks!

  181. I have a heavy debt load acquired before my last downsize. I am truly trying to get my finances in order and would love to have a copy of your books.
    Thank you!