New giveaway: Moonjars!

I’m giving away twelve (12!) Moonjar Moneyboxes. If there’s a child in your life who needs to learn about money, this is a great tool. The three-part cardboard bank allows kids to divvy their cash among three categories: save, spend and share.

To enter to win, leave a comment here on my blog (not my Facebook page).

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The winners will be chosen at random Friday night. Over the weekend, please check your email (including your spam filter). If I don’t hear from a winner by noon Pacific time on Monday, his or her prize will be forfeited and I’ll pick another winner.

Also, check back here often for other giveaways.

The deadline to enter is midnight Pacific time on Friday. So–comment away!



  1. These look great for any age!

  2. Hi I think this would be a great tool for my 10 year old Grandson. Love your posts.

  3. My daughter is not quite 2 years old but she already knows how to wave around my credit card. I would love to start teaching her about saving as well!

  4. I like the “share” box; what a giving and thoughtful tool for children!

  5. Sheena Cero says

    I love this idea and it’s educational. I’m always educating my children new ways about managing and saving money.

  6. Mike Landauer says

    I believe this would be a great tool for my kids to learn about saving their allowance and knowing the more your save, the better off you are. I knew it was time to work with my daughter about the importance of money and saving money last year when she asked if we could go to Disneyland. I explained to her that a trip like that is very expensive for a family to take and that we would need to save up for that trip (which we have been doing for a year now). Her response to me was, “or we could do it now by using the credit card”> I was astonished at how she even knew what a credit card was. I told her credit cards are for emergencies only and should not be counted as “free money”. However, I do not know if the lesson has been learned. I want my kids to understand that working for saving for something is much more rewarding than placing a “want” on a credit card that you could wind up paying triple for by the time you pay it all off!

    And, on a side note, love all your posts and guidance. I would love to see more ways to teach our children about the importance of knowing about finances in their lives and planning ahead for the future. Even having simple ways kids can create understand and implement budgets in their own lives, without the use of Credit, loans, etc.

  7. What a great idea! Please consider my son, Ethan Cash (that is his real middle name) :), for the drawing. I want him to grow up with a much better understanding of how to use money than I did!

  8. What a wonderful idea to help these kids learn what they actually have available, instead of what they see. Something I am still working on learning!

  9. Such a great idea! My son is always trying to save money so this would be perfect! He’s 8 yrs old and is already planning to save for our next vacation. I love this idea!!!

  10. Great idea & I try and read your column on Facebook when I can. My son would love this. We have been reading books about kids & money management lately.

  11. I love these! So simple, so effective 🙂 Hope I win one!

  12. Jason Williams says

    These look really neat, my 3 little girls would love them.

  13. This would be perfect for my 6 yr old!

  14. Titi Tran says

    My kids are already off to a great start in savings. They each have their own savings account under our names. The moonjars would be a more concrete item for them to see and save vs. having an account that they don’t see or can’t touch.

  15. Amanda A. says

    I have three kids that need to learn the importance of money and saving. I love reading your articles.

  16. This would be a super gift for my great niece and nephew who are learning how to save for those toys they want and know the value of a Penney! They get great joy when they find that Penney in the parking lot! It would be a great gift !

  17. Elizabeth Osgood says

    I remember how excited I was to have that big pink “piggy bank” my Grandmother gave me in the 1960’s. I’ll never forget busting it open, coins flying all over. I used the money and bought her some perfume (really cheap stuff) for her Birthday. LOVE this idea ~ and would love for my grandson Dylan” to have a “MoonJar” …

  18. New grandbaby on the way and would love this for him! Thanks

  19. Love this! My daughter, 4, is quite a smart saver and shopper already! <3

  20. EmilyBurfeind says

    My son, age 6, has several “banks” already. But I find he just moves his change from one to another without realizing that he’s even saving his money! The Moonjar sounds like it could be the solution I’ve been looking for so that he really begins to understand that he’s actually saving money and not just collecting coins.

  21. Shauna Stanley says

    I would love these for my 2 great nephews – I have 4 grown children and would have found this system very useful – did what I could to teach them the “value”of earning and saving for what you want, but still tried to help them understand that while money does not buy happiness, doing the right thing with it might, (the sharing part)

  22. Sarah Whitton says

    We have 5 children who I am constantly telling them to save save save. I don’t want them to be in the position their dad and I are in and living pay check to pay check!!!

  23. Allison Burnell says

    Hi Liz: I hope I can win one of these for my almost 7-year-old son Devin. He is just now learning about money in first grade, and so far thinks the “National Bank of Mom” is bottomless! No one ever taught me about saving money as a child, and I’ve now struggled as an adult. I’d like to change that dynamic for my son. Hope I win!

  24. brittney mueller says

    Love this idea. I have a very bright 5 year old who loves her piggy bank…would love to expand the concept of saving and sharing.

  25. cathy panyard says

    I have a grandson who would love to learn about earning and saving.

  26. cathy panyard says

    I have a grandson who would love to learn about earning and saving. Must start early.

  27. Stephanie Swanson says

    My 8 year old is all about donating her money right now, but eventually she’s going to want to keep it…

  28. My nieces would love this! I enjoy teaching them about money and this would be a great tool. Good luck everyone!

  29. This would be wonderful to teach my 6 yo. son how to start saving!.

  30. Jennifer Sheriff says

    What a great way to teach the kids how to save. I have 3 kids, they all have a different perspective on money…1 is a saver, 1 a spender, and one a little of both.

  31. This would be great for my 7 year old since I am always trying to explain to him the importance of saving his money.

  32. Laurie Anderson says

    I think these are awesome. I really want to start doing more to teach my kids about being smart with money. Not only do I want to teach them about saving but also how important it is to support and give to community/organizations.

  33. I’m due with my first child in two months. I’m an accountant, and am always looking to learn how to teach my child about money. I feel like my mom did a good job teaching me how to not go overboard, but there’s always room for improvement.

  34. Katy McDonough says

    I have something with the same concept set up for my girls with plastic cups, but would definitely love something sturdier. 🙂

  35. Alan Ganger says

    Love the Moonjar concept!

  36. Panu Lansiri says

    Very cute!

  37. Ooooooh, I would love to turn my little spenders into little savers!!!

  38. Melanie Novak says

    These are a great idea – the sooner my kids learn about saving their money the better!

  39. Jennifer May says

    It’s time we “righted the ship” that is America. This new generation needs to learn about SUSTAINABLE spending habits from US – not from a school book and certainly not from politicians. We HAVE to change the way America thinks about money. This looks like a great tool to use. Kids need to know that with money comes responsibility.

  40. I would love to be able to give this to my grandson. I think he is at an age that he needs to learn these principles (turning 9). It looks like a wonderful tool, and would love to be the recipient of one of the 12!

  41. Hi Liz…I always read your articles, it has helped me a lot since I’m so horrible with money. I have a five year old that would love this…I’m hoping he won’t be as bad with money as I was…

  42. Ella Pagan says

    This is a great idea! My little girl saves her birthday or any money earned in a plastic child single combination safe I found and I work with her to explain the value of a dollar. I never heard of this to be honest and LOVE it! I explain that you have to save but you can spend SOME but she is so stuck on saving and spending mine! I do appreciate the saving but I want her to understand the value of a dollar, earning and how you would budget it then spend and earn more but always save a specific amount. This would be a GREAT tool for that and more. Leave it up to Liz with the best ideas!

  43. Ali Lotia says

    This looks much better than three Ziploc bags. I’d love to receive this for my daughter that I am trying to teach this concept (Save/ Spend /Give).

  44. Heck, I know a few ADULTS who could use these! But I have a great-nephew I’d like to teach about money. Thanks.

  45. This would be great for my little ones! They enjoy holding and looking at coins, and we sometimes discuss paying for things with exact-change vs. getting change. But this would be a good step into the realm of saving vs. spending, and what for. And a lesson in sharing the jar. 😉

  46. Kathy lovetere says

    I have an eight year old niece that I have been teaching to save money.
    When she visits my 20 something year old kids have her help them with chores so that she may earn money to spend at school for ice cream and the school store!
    I also want to thank you for the article and link for people struggling with school loans. I have 3 adult children living at home as they can’t afford have apartments and live any sort of a life. One of my sons has an interest rate of 13.75 on one of his private loans. A total of 1500.00 a month in loan payments. He works 3 jobs just to pay his bills and have some spending money! It’s crazy. I feel bad for these kids. We are not asking to have them excused, just an affordable interest rate!

  47. This is a great tool!! My daughter is four and we use the good ole “piggy bank” for her money. Every Christmas we talk about sharing her money with those children that need necessities such as coats, hats and gloves. We usually pick a child from the Salvation army tree at Walmart and purchase something for him/her. I love how this bank shows a child how to save and spend at the same time.

  48. Liz,

    When you post my previous comment, can you please edit my name to just “Deb R”? I wanted to give you my full name, for contest purposes, but reading thru some of the other comments, I see some entrants have a good idea — not listing full names on a public page, esp. when talking about our kids. So if this is editable, would you please do so? If it is not, then you can just delete/reject my entry.


  49. What a great idea! I would love to win one for our family. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  50. I love the idea behind this tool. It would be a great way to start helping my 7 year old learn the ways of money. So what would be the difference between the spending and the sharing areas for a child?

    • The sharing portion is for charitable donations. That was a bit of a hard concept for my daughter to grasp when she was a preschooler: “Why should I give up MY money??” One day we were reading a book about cheetahs and how they were threatened by disappearing habitat and other problems. She said, “Mommy, I want to help the cheetahs.” So we dug the $3 and some-odd cents out of her “sharing” bank, and sent it off with a letter to the Cheetah Conservation Foundation. We got back the sweetest note, along with a cheetah-themed bracelet and pencil, and my daughter was hooked on charitable giving. Now every year the CCF gets a donation from her bank (and Mom and Dad send one, too).

  51. This would be perfect for my little 4 and a half year old daughter who is always asking me about why we always have money for food but not so much for toys. My husband and I have been teaching her about saving (and prioritizing – like food first, etc) but sometimes she tells us that “these things are way too complicated for her age”. I would love to win this for her 🙂 Thanks Liz

  52. Bernice Acosta says

    Will love to show my child how to save. My parents never tought me and hoping I could do different by my child.

  53. I remember spending hours upon hours, as a child, counting the coins from the spare change jar that my grandfather tucked away during the year, to hand over to me during my annual summer visits. I think saving was much more second nature back then. In retrospect, a little guidance around being purposeful with money would have been really valuable. This is what inspires me now, to create meaningful ways of sharing time and learning with my impressionable young daughter, so that she may have few tough finacial lessons in her future. That she may be purposeful and empowered in how she chooses to use her resources. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, the impact you have on your readers is life changing for generations. I really do appreciate it!

  54. Saving is such an important skill…..Start them young and hopes they will continue into adulthood. Good Credit is a Plus!:-)

  55. I’d love to give one of these to my little cousin. Her parents are wonderful, but they’re not exactly thrifty – if I can at least introduce the idea of saving, maybe she won’t run into as many problems the hard way as they have.

  56. Love this!

  57. Adam Gove says

    This would be great for any 1 of our three boys. Still looking for any kind of tool to help teach the kids responsibility when it comes to money!

  58. I am a teacher and would love to share this tool with students to start them on the road to financial responsibility:)

  59. What a great idea! I have been trying to teach my kids about saving long-term, but they save for about two weeks, then spend the money.

  60. john strong says

    I could have use one of these as a kid…heck, I could probably learn from it even now!!!

  61. I would love to use this great tool with my son, Max! Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  62. Such a great idea! — hope I’m not too late … would be a great tool for my son!