Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: The wrong way to boost your credit score. Also in the news: Target’s data breach spreads to big hotels, how to make a tax lien disappear, and better, more responsible ways to use credit cards. images (1)

The Wrong Ways to Boost Your Credit Score
What not to do in pursuit of a better score.

Latest Known Credit Card Data Breaches Target Big Hotels
If you’ve stated at the Sheraton, Marriott, or Holiday Inn, pay close attention to your bank statement.

How to Make a Tax Lien Disappear
How to handle on of the worst things to appear on your credit report.

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Responsible Way to Use Credit Cards
Credit cards are not the enemy.

10 Ways to Boost Your Retirement Savings
It’s time to build a better nest egg.


  1. A great trick I came up with is to paying my card bills twice a month instead of once, they can’t ever be late. Since I started doing this my score has gone up steadily. Even when I don’t pay them off with each payment I can never be late for a payment. If you get paid every two weeks it makes sense to pay every two weeks. I use my cards for everything and can look up my expenses on the card’s website to see how much I paid in each category from month to month. Cards are a great budgeting tool, but like any tool you have to be careful of the sharp edges!