Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 4 DIY home improvement projects to avoid. Also in the news: How to make use of the points and miles from a deceased family member, 10 tips for winter RV road trips, and how to make money by putting ads on your car.

4 DIY Home Improvement Projects to Avoid
For these tasks, you’ll want to hire a professional to make sure everything’s done safely and correctly.

How to Make Use of the Points and Miles From a Deceased Family Member’s Account
You might be able to transfer or use the points that your relative has left behind.

10 Tips for Winter RV Road Trips
This is the advice you need for taking an RV out on a road trip with snow in the forecast.

Make Money by Putting Ads on Your Car
No, really.

Monday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Your last chance for high CD rates is right now. Also in the news: How a credit card can help home improvement plans, how to search for scholarships without getting lost in spam, and a new episode of the SmartMoney podcast on credit scores.

Your Last Chance for High CD Rates Is Right Now
The impact of Fed rate changes.

Got Home Improvement Plans? How a Credit Card Can Help
Rewards and sign-up bonuses.

How to Search for Scholarships, Not Get Lost in Spam
Finding legit offers.

SmartMoney Podcast: ‘Why Did My Credit Scores Suddenly Drop?’
Sorting through the reasons.

Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 3 credit score myths you should stop believing. Also in the news: Vinyl siding costs and how to keep them down, 6 big ways credit can affect your life, and 1 in 3 parents will help their kids pay off student loans.

3 Credit Score Myths You Should Stop Believing
It’s all about the numbers.

Vinyl Siding Costs and How to Bring Savings Home
How to keep costs down.

6 Big Ways Your Credit Can Affect Your Life
From buying a home to getting a new job.

1 in 3 parents will help their kids pay off student loans
And it could impact their retirement.

Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailToday’s top story: What adding 100 points to your credit score means for your finances. Also in the news: How to finance your dream home improvement projects, how your boss can help you reduce your student loan repayment timeline, and why you should be treating your income like you do your investments.

What Adding 100 Points to Your Credit Score Could Mean
Is it a game changer?

6 Ways to Finance Your Dream Home Improvement Project
Without turning your home into a money pit.

Here’s how fast you can pay off your student loan with help from your boss
Your repayment timeline could could get shorter.

Are You Diversifying Your Income? You’d Better Start.
Treating your income just like your investments.

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHow many credit cards is too many, starting your kids on the road to financial success, and what it’s like to apply for Obamacare.

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?
The answer may surprise you.

Smart Financial Moves for Fall
Ways to boost your finances in between pumpkin spice lattes.

Home Improvement Projects Every Seller Should Consider
These projects could increase the number of offers you receive on your home.

Want Your Child To Succeed? A Savings Account May Help
How even a small savings account could set your child on the road to financial success.

Obamacare marketplaces are open: How to apply
A reporter shares her experience of applying for insurance under the Affordable Care Act.