Thursday’s need-to-know money news

air-miles-cardToday’s top story: The worst airports in the U.S. for summer travel. Also in the news: 3 smart money moves to make buying a home easier, creating a money map to make sense of your financial plan, and five signs it’s time to shop for a new credit card.

The 10 Worst Airports in the U.S. for Summer Travel and How You Can Cope
Plan ahead.

Make Buying a Home Easier With 3 Smart Money Moves Now
Save money early and regularly.

Create a Money Map to Make Sense of Your Financial Plan
A big picture view.

5 Signs It’s Time to Shop for a New Credit Card
Loyalty doesn’t always pay.

Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

taxesToday’s top story: The biggest income tax changes for 2016. Also in the news: What you wish you could tell your younger self about money, avoiding “skip a payment” holiday offers, and how to make a better money plan for the new year.

10 biggest income tax changes to plan for in 2016
Prepare yourself.

11 Finance Tips You Wish You Could Tell Your Younger Self
If you could turn back time.

Beware Credit Card “Skip a Payment” Holiday Offers
Don’t fall in a debt trap.

5 Ways to Make a Better Plan for Your Money in 2016
It’s all about planning.