AT&T customers, check your plan!

Internet shopping by cell phone - concept illustrationWhen I heard last month that AT&T was dropping prices for its wireless plans, I thought our family could save a little money. I was startled to find we can save a whopping $60 a month and get a plan with twice as much data.

AT&T cut its prices to compete with T-Mobile and the pay-as-you-go companies that have been offering a lot more data for a lot less. But AT&T isn’t going to foist the savings on you–you have to seek them out. Fortunately, that’s as easy as going online to check your account (a savings offer should show up on your screen) or you can just call the carrier from your phone and ask how you can save.

I try to make it a point to call our communications providers once or twice a year to see if we can get a better deal. I wished I’d called this one a little earlier, because I was only able to backdate the changes to the beginning of last week (the start of our current billing cycle).

Changing plans does not extend your service term or add any additional termination fees, an AT&T rep assured me. So if you’re under contract to AT&T, go save some money!


  1. Thank you for this! Finally, these companies have been over charging for to long. I just saved $100/month.

  2. Hi Liz. Thanks for the heads up on this. What if you don’t see the “savings offer” on screen. Or, is this something which is only available to select customers? Thx

  3. Just saved $60 per month retro to March 8th. Can’t remember the last time
    I had a happy conversation with a customer Service
    Rep. I was downright giddy! Thanks Liz!

  4. I noticed that if you click on “View or change my plan” it walks you through what plan and cost you have and the new plans that might work for you. Thanks for the tip

  5. Just remember that the per phone cost is cheaper now for smartphones that you currently have due to switching while under contract, but when you upgrade it will go up by $15 each phone. Slight trick they are using to deceptively seem cheaper in the short run unless you bring your own phone.

    • Liz Weston says

      Bringing your own or buying an unsubsidized phone often makes more financial sense, although it’s not the way many of us are used to doing business with cell companies. Before upgrading, it’s smart to compare the full cost of any contract (subsidized phone + the total monthly cost for 12-24 months vs. BIY + total monthly) not just at your current carrier, but all the majors plus some of the minors.

  6. Here’s the scoop on what would have happened if I changed plans:

    We currently have 4 phones with data plans. All 4 are eligible for upgrades this summer. Currently have 2 phones grandfathered in on unlimited data — switching would permanently lose that.

    Changing plans to the shared value plan would save us $69/mo right now down to $160/mo before taxes. ($100/mo for 10 Gb data to share + $15/mo/line). When the phone is upgraded, you are put into a NEXT installment plan which adds $25/mo — so it’s $40/mo/line, adding $100/mo back onto our service agreement. If we were to switch to this plan and then upgrade the phones this summer, it will cost us MORE each month by $31/mo then if we stay with our family talk plan and pay the one time $38/line upgrade fee.

    • Liz Weston says

      Good for you for doing the research. Those unlimited plans are getting rare as hen’s teeth and are often worth hanging on to as long as you can.