Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Why you should have a credit card even if you don’t carry a balance. Also in the news: Credit card debt is down in early 2017, how to take advantage of cooling car sales this summer, and how to avoid being a victim at the car repair garage.

Why Have a Credit Card if You Don’t Carry a Balance?
The importance of maintaining credit.

Credit Card Debt Shrank in Early 2017
Paying off debt.

How to Take Advantage of Cooling Car Sales This Summer
Prices are dropping.

How to avoid being a victim at the car repair garage
Don’t get taken for a ride.

Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Five things that won’t hurt your credit score. Also in the news: The Golden Rules of personal finance, which banking costs to avoid while shopping for the holidays, and why the holiday season might be the best time to purchase a new home. Gift

5 Things That Won’t Hurt Your Credit Score
You can no longer use your credit score as an excuse for not getting married.

The Golden Rules of Personal Finance
The answers to some of the most common personal finance questions.

5 Banking Costs to Avoid This Holiday Shopping Season
The banks don’t need any presents.

4 Reasons to Buy a House During the Holidays
Less competition during the holidays could save you money.

Will the Body Shop Cut You a Deal?
Car repairs don’t have to crash your wallet.

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Figuring out what car repairs really cost. Also in the news: Protecting your children’s credit, tips on smart charitable donations, and how to prepare for Black Friday.

How to Figure Out What Your Car Repair Really Costs
How not to be at the mercy of the repair shop.

Protecting Your Children’s Credit
Even children are at risk for identity theft.

6 tips to donate to charity the smart way
Getting the most out of your generosity.

Top 10 Black Friday shopping tips
Practice, practice, practice.

The ‘4 Boxes’ Approach To Helping Elderly Parents
Inventorying your parents’ possessions could make important financial decisions easier.