Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Disability and Credit Access: why scores are key in a crisis. Also in the news: 4 features to look for in the best credit cards of 2022, considering the suburbs, and is trading employee equity a good idea?

Disability and Credit Access: Why Scores Are Key in a Crisis
Having good credit can help you get low-interest loans or credit cards to help you cover your bills in an emergency. Here’s how to get started.

Best Credit Cards of 2022: 4 Features to Look For
Credit card issuers are offering more choice and flexibility as they add features to new cards.

Can’t Buy the House You Want? Consider Moving Out of the City
Suburban and small-town living has its perks, including more spacious and affordable choices for first-time home buyers.

Is Trading Employee Equity a Good Idea?
Buying or selling employee equity has become easier and more accessible, but is it right for your portfolio?

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  1. hello Liz, my problem is not starting but where ? I’m not to excited about paying $425 to talk to a consultant its probably worth it, but i would like to try on my own first. I’m 66 and plan to work until they kick me out and my health is excellent . I give 20% weekly of my paycheck which is $200 weekly to my IRA , No matching IRA at work. I get an additional $1850 monthly for Survivor Benefit, i want to invest this money. I plan on using Motley Fool stock advisor program and Vanguard as the Broker. This is before tax money so is another IRA or Roth IRA my next move ? I’m not sure how much i and invest yearly, but i would like to invest at lease $1000 a month. Also i’m concerned about the tax’s on the withdrawal ? Right now in my life i have no bills, I do have 4- Credit Cards with no balance ! i pay the off every month. Liz last but not lease i have a FICO score around 800, i only say that because it proves i am conscious of my spending habits. Liz any help or guidance would be appreciated . Michael