Tough times ahead? Enter to win these books. Plus: discount code.

Updated to add second coupon code. I mentioned earlier this week that I’m giving away a copy of Donna Freedman’s “Playbook for Tough Times,” as well as Abigail Perry’s “Frugality for Depressives.”  (Donna and Abby are mother and daughter.)

Donna just let me know that she’s also offering a short-term discount on the PDF version of “Playbook.” If you don’t win the giveaway, you can get the e-book for $5 through Nov. 30 by using the discount code ASKLIZ at this payment link:snip20161108_3

Abby’s offering a $1.99 discount on her book as well. Use the code FRUGALITY to get the book for $5 through Nov. 30:


You can enter to win the books by leaving a comment here on my blog (not my Facebook page). Make sure to include your email address, which won’t show up with your comment, but I’ll be able to see it.

snip20161108_2Comments are moderated, so it may take a little while for your comment to show up.

The winners will be chosen at random Friday night. Over the weekend, please check your email (including your spam filter). If I don’t hear from a winner by noon Pacific time on Monday, his or her prize will be forfeited and I’ll pick another winner.

Also, check back here often for other giveaways.

The deadline to enter is midnight Pacific time on Friday. So–comment away!

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  1. Paul Giuliamo says

    Liz thanks for the info on these great books

  2. I would love to wind either of these books!

  3. “Your Playbook for Tough Times.” “Frugality for Depressives.”

    I can’t think of two more apt titles for this depressive after yesterday’s shocking presidential election result. Hope I win. I could use a psychological boost right now.

  4. Cara stewart says

    Timely topics. As always, you’re a great resource.

  5. I have followed Donna Freedman for years and she always has good advice. I would enjoy owning a “hard” copy of her work.

  6. Mackenzie Lauka says

    Great topics!

  7. Liz, I just signed up for your newsletter. Always enjoy your work. Been following Donna Freedman’s work for a while now. Really enjoy it!

  8. I’d like to win!

  9. Thanks to Donna Freedman for sharing your blog and thank you for a great giveaway!

  10. I’d LOVE to win either of these books.

  11. I enjoy following both Donna and Abby on their blogs and have for years! I’d LOVE a copy of both books. 🙂

  12. I would love to read both, then give them to my daughter. 🙂

  13. I’m really curious about the “Frugality for Depressives” book. I’ve struggled off and on with depression and developed some of my own personal adjustments to the usual advise – like “It is better to spend the money for carry out than to skip meals and start to feel down.” Like your blog.

  14. I would love to have these books on my shelf!

  15. Thank you for the giveaway! I read both of these gal’s blogs and enjoy them!

  16. Two very timely and relevant titles.

  17. These two books are the only things I asked for on my birthday, but I didn’t get them. Hoping for a late birthday gift! Thanks!

  18. I am addicted to frugal reading material as I was unemployed late in life and have had to struggle to survive. I am also deeply disturbed by a Trump presidency looming ahead
    Help me!

  19. I’d very much like to win one of these books. Thanks for the opportunity, Liz.

  20. I <3 these 2 books – especially "Frugality for Depressives," as that's me.

  21. Great giveaway.

  22. Tarah Hamilton says

    These books make me excited!

  23. I the joy that Donna Freedman brings to living frugally and well. I’m looking forward to reading the book.

  24. I have read Donna’s blog for years. Abby is a wonderful writer too.

  25. Melissa Allison says

    I would love to win these books!! As a husband and wife team, who suffer from chronic illness, and five children…we need to be as frugal as we can get!

  26. I have a lot to learn about surviving financially. Thanks for sharing these titles!

  27. As someone we has depression. These books sound very interesting.

  28. Love to win either of these great books. I’ve followed both Abby and Donna for many years.

  29. Love em both !

  30. I would love to win these books!

  31. Love both writers and would love to win their books! Thanks for the opportunity.

  32. Keiko Woodyard says

    This is exciting! I can only hope I win.

  33. These look like great books!

  34. I would love to win these books! Thank you for your generosity!

  35. I like to add these books to my library!

  36. I’d love to win these books. Thanks for hosting this!

  37. I’d love to win please!

  38. Thanks for the give-away and for the discount codes. If I do not win, I shall use the discounts.

  39. Sarah Bolen says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. That would be great.