Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: What Equifax’s credit score miscalculations mean for consumers. Also in the news: 5 ways to feel richer (even if you’re not), mortgage rates to stay high in August, and who should consider a spousal IRA.

What Equifax’s Credit Score Miscalculations Mean for Consumers
Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus, announced that a computer coding error resulted in the miscalculation of credit scores for consumers in a three-week period between March 17 and April 6.

5 Ways to Feel Richer (Even If You’re Not)
In some ways, feeling “rich” is less about how many zeroes you have in your bank account and more about knowing how to use them to get what you want out of life.

Mortgage Rates Unlikely to Cool in August
Mortgage rates will likely rise in August as the Federal Reserve continues to yank interest rates higher.

Who Should Consider a Spousal IRA, According to a Financial Planner
You should try to find new ways to save for retirement. For some people, a spousal IRA is an option.