Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: What to do if you save too much for retirement. Also in the news: The ins and outs of starting a car, financial pros are hanging on to stocks, and why you need multiple savings accounts.

What to Do If You Save Too Much for Retirement
Saving too much for retirement can cause problems as well as saving too little. Beware of IRS rules and penalties.

So You Think You Know How to Start a Car
It’s become much more complicated

Selling Stocks on Inflation Fears? Financial Pros Wouldn’t
The inflation sirens are wailing, but financial pros say there’s no reason to panic.

Why You Need Multiple Savings Accounts
Multiple accounts make it easier to reach your savings goals.


  1. Herman cortez says

    In your article withdrawing too much after you turn 72, you said you have to make withdrawals starting in April the year after you turn 72. My birthday is in January. When I turn 72 do I need to start withdrawals by the first of April? 3 months later? Or the year after which gives me till age 73? Then start regular withdrawals by that December, again after age 73?