Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Relief checks may be coming, but scammers are already here. Also in the news: 3 ways credit cards can help you ride out a crisis, your student loan bill is still due during a pandemic, and how to save energy while you’re stuck at home.

Relief Checks May Be Coming, but Scammers Are Already Here
Scammers never miss an opportunity.

3 Ways Credit Cards Can Help You Ride Out a Crisis
Preserving your cash.

Your Student Loan Bill Is Still Due During the Pandemic
Interest is halted, but you still need to pay.

How to Save Energy When You’re Stuck at Home
Keeping your electric bill in check.

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  1. stu brown says

    From what I have been reading, we may not get a stimulus payment. My wife and I are on SS. Last year we did not file taxes since after doing the calculations, we would not owe anything, nor get anything back. So we did not file. And have heard no complaints from the IRS a year later. I have read that the stimulus payments will come through the IRS based on last years tax return. So what should we do to get our fair share?