This week’s money news

This week’s top story: June mortgage rates. In other news: Some big stores are cutting prices to woo back grocery shoppers, rename your ’emergency fund’ if that suits your saving style, and first-time home buyer affordability report – Q1 2024.

June Mortgage Rates: Calm at Takeoff, Then Subject to Turbulence
Mortgage rates probably won’t vary much in the first week and a half of June. But starting June 12, it’s anyone’s guess what rates will do.

Some Big Stores Are Cutting Prices to Woo Back Grocery Shoppers
With grocery prices stabilizing, retailers like Target and Walmart are touting summer discounts on an array of items.

Rename Your ‘Emergency Fund’ if That Suits Your Saving Style
Whatever you choose to call your short-term savings account might help you use it more effectively. Here’s how experts suggest you approach it.

First-Time Home Buyer Affordability Report – Q1 2024
In the first quarter, prices didn’t rise, but they also didn’t come down.

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