Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 4 ways to protect your small business from cyberattacks. Also in the news: A new episode of the Smart Money podcast featuring a travel nerd’s trip to Japan, what Warren Buffett would do about inflation, and what Stablecoin’s troubles mean for crypto investors.

4 Ways to Protect Your Small Business From Cyberattacks
You can follow cybersecurity best practices, train your employees and invest in cyber insurance to protect your business.

Smart Money Podcast: Nerdy Travel Diaries: Scrimping and Splurging in Japan
A Travel Nerd’s story about traveling to Tokyo for a vacation that balanced moments of luxury and cost-saving travel hacks.

Rising Inflation, Volatile Market: What Would Buffett Do?
For billionaire Warren Buffett, investing in low-cost index funds and pursuing value over the long term are the best ways to beat inflation and weather turbulent times.

What a Stablecoin’s Troubles Mean for Crypto Investors
TerraUSD’s high-profile flop has added to the pressure on digital assets this week.

Friday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Why you might be down in an up market. Also in the news: 5 Warren Buffett quotes that can make you a better investor, 5 reasons why pay isn’t rising much for many, and how to get the most out of customer loyalty programs.

This May Be Why You’re Down in an Up Market
Don’t take unnecessary risks.

5 Warren Buffett Quotes Can Make You a Better Investor
Wisdom from The Oracle of Omaha.

Where’s my raise? 5 reasons pay isn’t rising much for many
Wages are stuck in the mud.

How to get the most out of customer loyalty programs
Playing the rewards game.