Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to afford summer road trips amid high gas prices. Also in the news: A Travel Nerd on what the strong dollar means for summer travel, saving at summer music festivals, and how a business can move towards pay equity.

How to Afford Summer Road Trips Amid High Gas Prices
Travelers can save on road trips by traveling through regions with low-cost gas and by renting electric vehicles.

Ask a Travel Nerd: What Does the Strong Dollar Mean for Summer Travel?
Amid the anxiety of inflation, U.S. travelers can take comfort that their dollar will go further abroad.

Fine-Tune Your Music Festival Budget and Save
Music festivals can be pricey. Here’s how to see your favorite artists without breaking the bank.

How a Business Can Move Toward Pay Equity
Beyond avoiding litigation and reputation damage, pay equity is about fairly compensating workers for their experience and skills.

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Crypto could be coming to your 401(k). Also in the news: When it comes to your car contract, the devil is in the details, the Travel Nerd on what oil prices mean for your summer travel, and the majority of adults support mandatory personal finance education in schools.

Crypto May Be Coming to Your 401(k) — Here’s What to Know Now
You may soon have access to Bitcoin as an investment in your 401(k). But think about how you react to losses before jumping in.

When It Comes to Your Car Contract, the Devil Is in the Details
Avoid bogus fees and additional charges in your car contract by reading carefully before you sign.

Ask a Travel Nerd: What Do Oil Prices Mean for My Summer Travel?
Airfares are rising, car rentals will cost you. Maybe try a city with good public transit?

88% of adults support requiring personal finance education in high school, survey finds
Starting off on the right foot.

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Travel might not be the stress reliever you hoped for in 2021. Also in the news: The Travel Nerd on airline loyalty, considering the value of daily tasks when buying life insurance, and the easiest hands-off way to prevent your card from being closed for inactivity.

Travel Might Not Be the Stress-Reliever You Hoped for in 2021
Even if you’re vaccinated, be prepared for new, and old, hassles of travel.

Ask a Travel Nerd: Should I Be Loyal to a Single Airline?
If you fly mostly one airline, you’ll earn rewards faster, but it might limit your flight options.

Consider the Value of Daily Tasks When Buying Life Insurance
The everyday supporting services you perform for your family may be just as valuable as income.

The Easiest Hands-Off Way to Prevent Your Card From Being Closed for Inactivity
Putting your subscriptions to work.