Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Travel might not be the stress reliever you hoped for in 2021. Also in the news: The Travel Nerd on airline loyalty, considering the value of daily tasks when buying life insurance, and the easiest hands-off way to prevent your card from being closed for inactivity.

Travel Might Not Be the Stress-Reliever You Hoped for in 2021
Even if you’re vaccinated, be prepared for new, and old, hassles of travel.

Ask a Travel Nerd: Should I Be Loyal to a Single Airline?
If you fly mostly one airline, you’ll earn rewards faster, but it might limit your flight options.

Consider the Value of Daily Tasks When Buying Life Insurance
The everyday supporting services you perform for your family may be just as valuable as income.

The Easiest Hands-Off Way to Prevent Your Card From Being Closed for Inactivity
Putting your subscriptions to work.

Monday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to avoid ‘Subscription Creep.’ Also in the news: cost-cutting travel tips to bring together faraway friends, 5 ways bad credit can you keep you from being a functional adult, and how to know when index funds aren’t a good deal.

How to Stem ‘Subscription Creep’
Subscriptions are adding up.

Cost-Cutting Travel Tips to Bring Together Faraway Friends
Planning a great vacation with costs in mind.

5 ways bad credit can keep you from being a functional adult
You’ll have a harder time borrowing.

How to Know When Index Funds Aren’t a Good Deal
Not every fund is created equal.