Monday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Haven’t filed your taxes yet? Act soon to avoid penalties. Also in the news: A new episode of the Smart Money podcast on free health insurance, a tax guide for small business owners, and Americans fear highest inflation in nearly a decade.

Haven’t Filed Your Taxes Yet? Act Soon to Avoid Penalties
Dealing with taxes can be a pain, but it’s better than the penalties you’ll face if you don’t file or pay on time.

Smart Money Podcast: Free Health Insurance and Finding Scholarships
A discussion about a provision in the American Rescue Plan that qualifies millions of Americans for free or lower-cost health insurance.

A Tax Guide for Small-Business Owners
Practicing good financial hygiene throughout the year takes some of the headaches out of filing business taxes.

Americans fear highest inflation in nearly a decade
Growing fears.

Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 4 things to know if you’ve never budgeted before. Also in the news: Equifax breach – claims cutoff and more scammers ahead, how auto insurers use your nondriving habits to raise prices, and the benefits of filing taxes early.

4 Things to Know if You’ve Never Budgeted Before
Breaking down the basics.

Equifax Breach: Claims Cutoff and More Scammers Ahead
The fallout continues.

How Auto Insurers Use Your Nondriving Habits to Raise Prices
Your grocery shopping could raise your auto insurance.

The Benefits of Filing Taxes Early
There are good reasons to file early.