Friday’s need-to-know money news

imagesToday’s top story: How to teach your kids about money. Also in the news: How money market accounts could drag down your retirement, how to deal when your student loans are more than your yearly income, and why you should start thinking about your taxes immediately.

3 Ways to Teach Kids About Money
Raising financially smart kids.

Money Market Accounts Could Drag Down Your Retirement Savings
Beware low returns.

How to Deal With Student Loans When You Owe More Than Your Annual Salary
Don’t get overwhelmed.

Why You Should Start Thinking About Your Taxes Now
It’s never too early.

Monday’s need-to-know money news

1403399192000-retire-workToday’s top story: One third of Americans have nothing saved for their retirement. Also in the news: How to pick the right bank, preparing financially for having kids, and how to get the best money market rates.

A third of people have nothing saved for retirement
You really shouldn’t be one of them.

How to pick a bank, in 7 steps
One of your most important relationships.

Babies Are Expensive: How to Prepare for Having a Kid
Adorable, but expensive.

How to Find the Best Money Market Rates
Getting the most for your savings.

3 Financial Firsts All Parents Should Prepare Their Children For
The sooner, the better.