Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: ‘Perks’ don’t make the bank – rates do. Also in the news: 3 major ways credit cards have changed in the past decade, 5 money hacks hiding in your wallet, and the 6 worst ways to redeem your credit card rewards.

‘Perks’ Don’t Make the Bank — Rates Do
Free ATMs aren’t really a perk.

3 Major Ways Credit Cards Have Changed in the Past Decade
Consumer protections are much improved.

5 Money Hacks Hiding in Your Wallet
Finding untapped benefits.

The 6 worst ways to redeem your credit card rewards
Redemption options to avoid.

Money hacks for real people

Everyone loves a hack — an uncommon solution to a common problem. There’s a reason so much of the internet revolves around things like “This One Little Trick” and “The Secret Doctors Don’t Want You to Know.”

Sometimes money hacks evolve from details buried in the fine print. Wealthy people employ professionals who seek out financial loopholes and aggressively exploit them.

But not every hack requires an accountant. Some can spur you to save more money for retirement or help you to pay bills on time every time. In my latest for the Associated Press, do-it-yourself hacks to make life easier.