Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: IRS scraps plan to use ID.me selfies for account verification. Also in the news: How to approach taxes if you traded cryptocurrency in 2021, only 23% of investors align their investments to their values, and how to choose the right cryptocurrency wallet.

IRS Scraps Plan to Use ID.me Selfies for Account Verification
The IRS walks back a directive that would have required taxpayers to submit a video selfie to access their online accounts.

Traded Cryptocurrency in 2021? Here’s How to Approach Taxes
With the tax-filing deadline just a few months away, those who traded cryptocurrency last year should understand their tax liability.

Survey: Just 23% of Investors Align Most Investments to Their Values
Socially responsible investing is gaining in popularity, but there’s a pronounced gap between those who value it and those who actually invest this way.

How to Choose the Right Cryptocurrency Wallet
All your cryptocurrency has to be stored somewhere—here’s how to choose the right crypto wallet for your needs.