Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 7 things Medicare doesn’t cover. Also in the news: A new episode of the Smart Money podcast on the cost of eggs, where small businesses are feeling inflation most, and the No. 1 hotel amenity people love might surprise you.

7 Things Medicare Doesn’t Cover
From dental cleanings to overseas health care, here’s what you’ll have to cover on your own.

Smart Money Podcast: What’s Up With Eggs, and Home Improvement Projects
This week’s episode starts with a discussion about eggs — why they’re so expensive right now and how you can adjust your shopping habits.

Here’s Where Small Businesses Are Feeling Inflation Most
Consumers aren’t the only ones with rising prices. Small businesses are battling inflation and supply chain delays.

The No. 1 Hotel Amenity People Love Might Surprise You
It seems everyone’s ready to kick back by the pool this summer.