Friday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: First-time car buyers battle skimpy supply, sticker shock. Also in the news: Can student loan borrowers handle payments and inflation, 4 money moves to make before the baby arrives, and how to avoid ATM fees with these debit cards.

First-Time Car Buyers Battle Skimpy Supply, Sticker Shock
How to buy your first car when it’s the worst time to buy a car.

Can Student Loan Borrowers Handle Payments and Inflation, Too?
After nearly two and a half years of pandemic relief, federal student loan payments will restart after the pause expires Aug. 31 — unless it’s extended for the seventh time.

4 Money Moves to Make Before Baby Arrives
Adjust your budget now to account for child care expenses and any income loss during parental leave.

Avoid ATM Fees With These Debit Cards
Or use these strategies to avoid ATM fees with the debit card you already have.

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 6 rules for first-time car buyers. Also in the news: Buzzy banking apps for kids and teens, getting your bank accounts in order for 2021, and knowing your COVID mortgage forbearance rights.

6 Rules for First-Time Car Buyers
Break it down into an orderly process: budgeting, financing, choosing a car and then negotiating a clean deal.

Buzzy Banking Apps for Kids and Teens
Developing good money habits early.

Get Your Bank Accounts in Order With These 2021 Resolutions
Streamlining for the new year.

Know Your COVID Mortgage Forbearance Rights
How to report an unscrupulous lender.