Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Why playing the market right now is an especially bad idea. Also in the news: Is student loan discharge in bankruptcy within reach, the difference between being preapproved and prequalified for a credit card, and how your credit score is determined.

Playing the Market Is a Bad Idea, Especially Now
Brokerages have reported a surge in day trading, but the vast majority would be better off in low-cost funds.

Is Student Loan Discharge in Bankruptcy Now Within Reach?
Recent court rulings and lawmakers’ support to expand relief could help borrowers meet the stringent standards.

What’s the difference between being preapproved and prequalified for a credit card?
An unsolicited approval from a credit card issuer can be a red flag—they could be trying to sell you on a card you don’t need or want

How Your Credit Score Is Determined
Unraveling the mystery.

Friday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Credit card preapproval vs. pre-qualification. Also in the news: 3 ways to keep your distance with contactless payments, why sustainable investing could get a lot harder, and a look at your debt options.

Credit Card Preapproval vs. Pre-Qualification
Pre-qualification is a soft yes on qualifying for a card. Preapproval is a guarantee — but it can be a red flag.

3 Ways to Keep Your Distance With Contactless Payments
Touchless methods are convenient and secure, but the hygiene factor in the pandemic era could get more people on board.
Sustainable Investing Could Get a Lot Harder
The Labor Department wants to keep socially responsible investments out of 401(k)s and private pensions.

What Are Your Debt Relief Options?
Exploring the possibilities.