Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to pick the right credit card for a major purchase. Also in the news: How to adjust your credit card strategy for 2021 travel, three factors to consider (and one to ignore) when choosing investment funds, and how you can deduct masks as a medical expense on your taxes.

How to Pick the Right Credit Card for a Major Purchase
That big-ticket item could earn you loads of rewards, or you could snag a lengthy no-interest period to pay off the purchase.

How to Adjust Your Credit Card Strategy for 2021 Travel
A new survey finds many Americans are planning trips this year. Credit card spending rewards can help cover costs.
When Choosing Investment Funds, Look at 3 Factors, Ignore 1
Forget about word of mouth.

How You Can Deduct Masks as a Medical Expense on Your Taxes
Find out how to qualify.