Monday’s need-to-know money news

power cord and us dollar, concept of expensive energy billToday’s top story: How to keep your energy costs down during summer’s hottest weeks. Also in the news: Why paying rent with a credit card could be a good thing, five signs of a financially needy friend, and lifehacks that’ll help you save money.

6 Ways to Beat the Heat Without Making Your Wallet Sweat
Staying cool and thrifty as the dog days of summer approach.

Paying rent with a credit card can make sense
Being rewarded for paying one of the essentials.

Time to Cut Them Off: 5 Signs You Have a Financially Needy Friend
Knowing when to say when.

Top 10 Mind Hacks To Help You Save More Money
Changing old habits and creating new ones.
12 personal finance moves you should make by 30

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  1. Jerome Barry says

    Hello Liz, I do pay numerous regular bills with a credit card. The card accumulates airline miles and I don’t have any place to fly. Last week I drove to my vacation and my airline miles paid for the hotel, so that’s ok. I could accumulate an extra 7215 miles each year if I put my house payment on the card. I do pay the balance in full every month.