Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Portrait Of Senior Couple In ParkToday’s top story: Hacks that can give your credit score a boost. Also in the news: Amazon refunds eBook buyers, seniors not taking it easy during retirement, and what you should know about long term care insurance.

4 Credit Score Hacks
How to give your credit score a little boost.

Amazon e-book customers wake up to free cash
If you’ve purchased e-books from Amazon over the past few years, you could have a surprise in your inbox.

Why So Many Seniors Are Launching Businesses
Retirement is no longer just for golfing.

Long-Term Care Insurance: What You Should Know
Don’t be caught off guard by medical expenses during retirement.

Should I Use a Charge Card? Depends on Month
Waiting until April could be a good thing.


  1. In your ‘4 Credit Hacks’ article it says adding someone as an ‘authorized user gets credit for the whole account history’ but I’m not finding that to be true. I added my brother as an authorized user on my Capital One card and it’s not showing on his credit report. I added him to my American Express and it’s showing, but with his number and the date I added him, not 1996. That’s on Credit Karma and which I believe is Experian.

    • Liz Weston says

      Hi, Mel. The article doesn’t say the whole history is imported or that the import is guaranteed. Some companies only do this for relatives, some only for spouses, some not at all. That’s why I recommended you check with the issuer first. Hope that helps!