Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to turn unused credit card rewards into holiday gifts. Also in the news: Can college students booted for breaking COVID-19 rules get refunds, when to book your holiday travel, and how to get help from a food pantry.

How to Turn Unused Credit Card Rewards Into Holiday Gifts
You may be able to use rewards or credits to cover food, charitable donations, streaming services, exercise programs and more.

Can College Students Booted for Breaking COVID-19 Rules Get Refunds?
Be prepared for consequences, like suspension and lost financial aid, if you break your school’s COVID-19 rules.

Should You Book Holiday Travel Now or Later?
Booking your holiday travel early comes with more flexibility now than in past years.

How to Get Help From a Food Pantry
There’s no shame in needing help, especially right now.

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