This week’s money news

This week’s top story: Steps to do before the redesigned 2024 FAFSA launches in December. In other news: 3 ways to stretch your dollar on a European vacation in 2023, the best time to book holiday travel is very soon, and housing shortage can’t be fixed with polite nudges, pocket change.

Do This Before the Redesigned 2024 FAFSA Launches in December
Here are steps you can take now to make sure you’re ready to go when the new FAFSA is released in December.

3 Ways to Stretch Your Dollar on a European Vacation in 2023
Avoid tourist hotspots and travel offseason to save. You could even get some cash back on delayed flights.

The Best Time to Book Holiday Travel Is Very Soon
Book this year’s Thanksgiving flights ASAP, and consider booking end-of-the-year fares by mid-October for the best prices.

Housing Shortage Can’t Be Fixed With Polite Nudges, Pocket Change
The federal government is skirting the housing shortage timidly instead of tackling it boldly.


  1. Is my math correct? The suggested federal program referred to in Holden Lewis’s article would essentially be a $180,000 subsidy for each home built. Would it be correct to view this as asking me, the taxpayer, to give $180,000 to help buy someone else a house? I think I’d prefer to be the person who receives the subsidy. How do I arrange that?