This week’s money news

This week’s top story: Smart Money podcast on financial fears, and if you need life insurance or not. In other news: What makes a good store credit card, and how to avoid bad ones, tackling financial insecurity, and why stocks and bonds are both falling.

Smart Money Podcast: Financial Fears, and Do You Need Life Insurance?
This week’s episode starts with a discussion about overcoming our financial fears.

What Makes a Good Store Credit Card, and How to Avoid Bad Ones
It’s not that store cards can’t deliver value — in some cases, they can be ideal picks. But before you’re pressured into opening one, know which red flags to watch for.

When Pinching Pennies Isn’t Enough: Tackling Financial Insecurity
Financial counselors, nonprofits and other organizations can help you find your financial footing.

Stocks and Bonds Are Both Falling. Here’s Why.
A look at why the markets declined in 2022, and how to cope with falling stocks and bonds as you near an important financial goal.