Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Should your next trip mix work and play? Also in the news: The trend of no more daily housekeeping, 7 ways freelancers and small businesses can ensure they’re paid, and how it is cheaper to buy a house than rent in certain cities.

Laptop Lugging: Should Your Next Trip Mix Work and Play?
Traveling for business or pleasure? Both? Laptop luggers are reshaping the vacation.

One of the Most Basic Hotel Amenities Is Disappearing
If you enjoy daily housekeeping, your next hotel stay might feel disappointing at first glance.

7 Ways Freelancers and Small Businesses Can Ensure They’re Paid
Temporary solutions are less than ideal when unpaid invoices significantly affect your business’s cash flow.

It’s Cheaper to Buy a House Than Rent in These Cities
Purchase prices and rents are skyrocketing, but there are areas where home ownership isn’t entirely out of reach.