Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: NerdWallet travel writers offer their 2021 resolution. Also in the news: More Millennials are using up end-of-year vacation time, second stimulus checks could be less than $1200 per person, and 8 great financial gifts for kids.

NerdWallet Travel Writers Offer Their 2021 Resolutions
These travelers plan to be more thoughtful in their choices and embrace the journey.

More Millennials Are Using Up End-of-Year Vacation Time
But it’s not necessarily to squeeze in a final trip before the end of 2020.

Second stimulus checks could be less than $1,200 per person. Here’s what we know
Congress continues to move slowly.

8 Great Financial Gifts for Kids
These gifts can help your kids, grandkids or friends get a head start on their financial futures.