Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Student loan pause extended again. Also in the news: Booking rental cars in advance vs last minute, how to account for inflation in your 2022 travel budget, and how to split rent when some rooms are better than others.

Student Loan Pause Extended Again — Is There an End Game?
Federal student loan borrowers just got an extra four months before their payments resume.

Which Is Cheaper: Booking Rental Cars in Advance or Last Minute?
Our analysis shows that you could save around 15% by booking last minute.

How to Account for Inflation in Your 2022 Travel Budget
Look at past trips and line your travel spending habits up against current rates to budget for this year.

How to Split Rent When Some Rooms Are Better Than Others
Are you ready to outbid your roommates to secure the best room in the house?