This week’s money news

This week’s top story: Big questions on student debt still loom. In other news: Financial actions speak louder than resolutions, 5 ways to build your credit score in 2023, and how families can get seats together on a plane.

2023 Is Here — And Big Questions on Student Debt Still Loom
As 2023 unfolds, big questions remain around new repayment plans, debt cancellation, bankruptcy rules and more.

Financial Actions Speak Louder Than Resolutions
Skip goals, and go right from intention to action.

5 Ways to Build Your Credit Score in 2023
Here are a few ways experts suggest boosting credit in the new year.

How Families Can Get Seats Together on a Plane
Airlines are making seat selection more difficult and expensive, which can be particularly tough for families.

Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to choose a seat on a plane. Also in the news: Lock in your access to hotel refunds as travel remains iffy, and why your first credit card will likely not be a travel credit card.

How to Choose a Seat on a Plane
This basic component of air travel has become another way airlines tack on fees.

Lock In Your Access to Hotel Refunds as Travel Remains Iffy
Avoid third-party booking platforms and know the terms of your reservation to prepare for possible cancellation in case of travel interruptions.

Can Your First Credit Card Be a Travel Card?
Likely no, but you can offset travel costs by joining loyalty programs and opening a cash-back card in the meantime.