Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 3 ways to get money back when COVID ruins your vacation. Also in the news: 5 key numbers to know about savings accounts, a new episode of the SmartMoney podcast, and red flags to look out for from personal finance influencers.

3 Ways to Get Money Back When COVID Ruins Your Vacation
COVID-19 still has the potential to derail plans, but you can protect the value of your vacation with some options.

5 Key Numbers to Know About Savings Accounts
Knowing about account minimums, fees and rates can help you maximize your savings.

Smart Money Podcast: The Fed Interest Rate Hike, and What’s a Credit Card Authorized User?
Higher interest rates may affect your mortgage and credit card payments, as well as everyday finances.

17 Huge Red Flags From Personal Finance ‘Influencers’
There’s good advice out there, as long as you can tell the good financial influencers from the shady ones.