This week’s money news

This week’s top story: Smart Money podcast on smart ways to get out of debt, and pet insurance planning. In other news: Not enough homes are for sale, so let’s pay owners to sell, how to pay for an expensive summer move, and growing loyalty programs mean more travelers competing for perks.

Smart Money Podcast: Smart Ways to Get Out of Debt, and Pet Insurance Planning
Personal finance Nerd Tommy Tindall joins Sean Pyles and Liz Weston to discuss alternative ways to pay off debt when you can’t get a personal loan.

Not Enough Homes Are for Sale, so Let’s Pay Owners to Sell
Tax credits could encourage people to sell their homes in a meager housing market.

How to Pay for an Expensive Summer Move
A credit card or personal loan can help you pay for a pricey summer move, but pay attention to interest rates and trim costs where you can.

Growing Loyalty Programs Mean More Travelers Competing for Perks
If you thought it’s been harder to get upgrades or lounges have been more crowded lately, you’re not alone.