Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

bigstock-U-s-Income-Tax-Return-Form-28476797-e1390508229663Today’s top story: Things to think about before paying your taxes with a credit card. Also in the news: How to collect a bad debt, the essentials for getting a good car deal, and the special tax challenges facing Americans living abroad.

4 Things To Think About Before Paying Your Taxes With A Credit Card
Look out for fees and interest.

5 Simple, Escalating Steps to Collect a Bad Debt
How to get what you’re owed.

5 Essentials for Getting a Good Car Deal
Be prepared to negotiate.

Living Abroad? Expat Taxpayers Face Special Challenges
Taxes are even more complicated for Americans living overseas.

A Guide To The Financial Drawbacks Of Aging
What to expect as you get older.