Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to score luxury travel for less. Also in the news: Target’s Black Friday ad, how to save money on health care, and breaking down the three new tiers of economy airline fares.

How to Score Luxury Travel for Less
Luxury travel at less-than-luxurious prices.

Target Black Friday 2018 Ad, Deals and Store Hours
Start your list.

How to Save Money on Health Care
Important questions to ask.

Breaking Down the Three New Tiers of Economy Fares
Even economy has tiers now.

How to score luxury travel for less

Let’s shatter one myth right now: Airline passengers typically can’t talk their way into upgrades from the cheapest coach seats to first class just by dressing up and asking politely.

Travel providers usually save their best experiences — comfortable seats, spacious hotel suites, quick check-in lines — for those willing to pay more. When upgrades are handed out for free, the goodies typically go to frequent travelers who spend a lot with those providers.

There are ways, however, of getting a much better travel experience without paying top dollar.

In my latest for the Associated Press, a few approaches to consider if you want to make your next trip a little more luxurious.