Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: When a will won’t work. Also in the news: 6 gift categories unaffected by supply chain delays, 3 ways to tap the unexpected equity in your leased car, and alternatives to backdoor Roths.

When a Will Won’t Work
Consider the limitations of a will when making arrangements for your final wishes.

6 Gift Categories Unaffected by Supply Chain Delays
Products from local businesses, handmade items and digital gifts are among the categories unaffected by delays.

3 Ways to Tap the Unexpected Equity in Your Leased Car
Despite new restrictions on selling to a third-party dealer, you do have options for accessing leased car equity.

Congress Is Targeting Backdoor Roths. Here Are Some Alternatives
The backdoor Roth, or Roth conversion, helps high earners move money into investments that can grow tax-free.