Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to get what you want at your next job. Also in the news: Some travelers could benefit from a Spirit-Frontier merger, the most romantic money moves you can make, and how to lock in Amazon Prime at the old rate.

How to Get What You Want at Your Next Job
Tips from career coaches on being strategic with your job search, preparing for negotiations and asking for what you want.

Yes, Some Travelers Could Benefit From a Spirit-Frontier Merger
The merger might actually have something to offer cost-conscious leisure travelers.

The Most Romantic Money Moves You Can Make
Valentine’s Day can trigger spending on your loved one, but instead, consider setting up a money date.

How to Lock in Amazon Prime at the Old Rate (at Least for a Year or Two)
Amazon Prime rates are going up—but there’s an easy way to temporarily skirt the system.