Friday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: What to look at before investing in a friend’s business venture. Also in the news: How Apple makes airport security less painful for some travelers, why you should stop using coupons, and 17 huge red flags from personal finance ‘influencers.’

Should You Invest in a Friend’s Business?
Examine all angles before investing in a friend’s business venture.

Apple Makes Airport Security Less Painful for Some Travelers
Residents in Arizona can now add their driver’s license to Apple Wallet to show it to TSA in Phoenix. More states will follow.

You Should Stop Using Coupons
The whole reason coupons exist is to get you to spend more money—and it works.

17 Huge Red Flags From Personal Finance ‘Influencers’
There’s good advice out there, as long as you can tell the good financial influencers from the shady ones.